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понедельник, 13 апреля 2020 г.

Make the second conditional
1. If I __ (be) you, I __ (get) a new profession.
2. If Katya __ (not / be) always so late, she __ (be) promoted to the senior position.
3. If I __ (speak) perfect English, I __ (have) a better paid job.
4. If Roma __ (pass) the exam, he __ (be) able to enter our college.
5. Sveta __ (be) happier if she __ (have) better friends.
6. We __ (buy) a house if we __ (decide) to live here for good.
7. We __ (come) to the party if we __ (have) time.
8. Tanya __ (call) him if she __ (have) his mobile phone number.
9. Kirill __ (pass) the exam if he __ (study) harder.
10. We __ never __(be) late again if we __ (buy) this new car. I promise.

понедельник, 6 апреля 2020 г.

To do / to make – упражнения.

Упражнение 1.  Insert do or make.
1 _______ an apology
2 _______ a job
3 _______ an appointment
4 _______ bad
6_______your best
7_______a lesson
8_______a mistake
10_______a cake
11_______ noise
12_______the cooking
13_______a decision
14_______a discovery
15_______a dress
16_______an exercise
17_______your homework
18_______the housework
19_______the ironing
20_______a note
Упражнение 2.  
Write 10 words into each line:
MAKE: _________________________________________________________
DO: _________________________________________________________
a mess, homework, the dishes, the shopping, a mistake, money, (someone) a favor, plans, the right thing, dinner, volunteer work, noise, the bed, a (telephone) call, the research, best, sure, a living, any good, exercises
Упражнение 3. Circle the right option:
  1. I cannot understand. It does not make/do sense
  2. Make/Do sure you don’t forget your ticket, will you?
  3. He is always making/doing a fool of himself with those jokes he tells
  4. Buy that car. It’s very good and cheap. You’ll do/make a real bargain
  5. I’ll have to make/do my best if I want to pass this exam
  6. Eat fruit. It’ll make/do you good
  7. I cannot go out now. I have a lot of work to make/do.
  8. It is a very good business. If you’re lucky, you’ll make/do a fortune
  9. If you’re so rude to him, you’ll make/do an enemy of him
  10. When are you going to make/do the shopping?
Упражнение 4. Circle the right option. The exercise is more difficult than the previous one.
  1. I can’t give you an answer. I have not made/done up my mind yet
  2. What have you made/done to your hair?
  3. Try not to make/do trouble in class or the teacher will punish you
  4. They were angry but after talking, they made/did peace and became friends again
  5. We made/did the washing-up after our guests left
  6. After I had made/done the beds, I had breakfast
  7. He made/did his job very well but he was very badly-paid
  8. made/did an appointment with my lawyer. I needed some advice.